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RECYCLING Is a good idea - and there are many people trying to save the planet - but now its big business and there is lots of money to be made from scrap metal, old car batteries and clothes - even aluminium cans so dont be conned into giving it away free - Eg old car battery = £10 Old fridge up to £35 Clothes 60p a kilo even cardboard and paper its some cases its worth saving and selling it - notice how some websites and places say recycle what they really mean is give to us free, so dont waste your cash

GAS CENTRAL HEATING is expensive in the uk one way you can cut your bills every year is easy and simple - central heating systems Are made from copper pipes - they leak heat - that you pay for !!! If you go the DIY stores and get pipe insulation and  cover all Your pipes your gas bills will fall in half - its easy to do when central heating was installed you will probably find some floor boards Have been cut to put the pipes in - all you need to do is lift up your carpets find these places lift up the floor boards and slide the insulation along  the pipes - result !!! You save good  money - insulate every thing ! we did and saved loads  over £80 per year - go green its good for your pocket dont give it away

HOT WATER Put an old continental quilt around your hot water cylinder over the top of any insulation you already have you would  be Amazed at hot much heat still leaks through - we did this and saved a lot


MORE HOT WATER - some people have a hot water tank - well boiling a kettle must be cheaper than heating a whole tank full of hot water - when you need a wash or when washing dishes use a kettle it must be cheaper ! With a bit of thought you could cut 90% of your summer gas bill and save some money and go on holiday ( in Spain )  

OLD CARPETS  dont take them down the dump ! That costs you money - and where they go makes them money !!! We cut ours up into 4ft - 5ft squares and use them for extra loft insulation - you save double !!!!! And it really did make Our house a lot warmer without spending any money so you dont have waste money on car transport   

GET HOT FREE Put pipe insulation on all your hot water pipes - this can save you £25 per year per tap

- not bad for an hours work LOWER your gas bills - tip - when you move take it with you  

Microwaves TV`s washing machines computers many of them eat power even when they are switched off, pull the Plug out you will really be surprised just how much you can cut off your electricity bill  

Put your fridges and freezers in cooler places this will save you money - eg a freezer put it in a garage

The Obvious - energy saving light bulbs ! But they really do save you money better still LED bulbs look on Ebay and run them from solar

HAIRY MEN Buy hair clippers from the markets their only £5 but they will really save you money on hair cuts - easy to use !!!  Dont go to the barber at £10 a go going going gone !  

DONT GO to places where you have to pay for parking, go to Dagenham Sunday market - its much bigger and better  And parking is free and is fast becoming the best market in the east end and there are a lot more people going there than the old fashioned high cost town centres ...You wont get a bargain in a place of high costs , all you are really doing is paying for high rents rates and more you could never get your monies worth... market stalls are better, cheaper

Supermarkets are not cheaper - we found tea bags in pound shops nearly half the price they were in Super markets when they must come out a machine by the thousand some ones making big money !!! - But Lidle and Aldi  IS cheaper

VAT you are going to be 20 % for nothing worse off for what ! = Nothing ! ....try and find a smaller business that doesnt charge VAT 20 % Better off

Buy a bread making machine you can get them for £30 - they will save you loads and its really easy remember bread that Costs £1+ in a shop really costs 10p or less to make and its old by the time you get it, a bread machine will make you money

CHEAPER TRANSPORT Buy a diesel car - much cheaper to run than petrol

GREEN ELECTRIC CARS ? - Yes all your doing is transferring  pollution from you to a power station and paying more for it and no doubt there is a computer involved and that will cost you more as well as 1 ton of batteries and computer - An electric car is really quite simple

FREE If some one wants things for free from you ask them what are they going to give you free

SCOOT CHEAPER  - much cheaper to run than a car - ??? this saved us a load of money the only ones worth buying are Japanese Scooters such as Honda.  Our Chinese scooter just kept breaking down - we had one - got rid of it fast. A good Second Hand Honda, tax £15, insurance £90 and it will do 180 to the gallon saving you money - Cost of a car - fuel £25- £40 per week !!!! We spend £5 per week - dont give anyone a free dinner off your back

SAVE all your old clothes and recycle them into your own pocket a much better idea - recent advertising about saving the Planet is now big business making other people rich thank you very much  a nice free dinner while you are giving it away FREE you can find plenty of people to Recycle you old clothes

OLD TOWELS - use them as cleaning rags get your monies worth and spend it on a free holiday then bag up all your old rags then sell them for 30p a kilo

PUFF PUFF A nice free dinner for someone else - smoke cigarettes ( Fags)   Addicted to handing over your money !!!!!! Going out to work in the cold and snow ??? to pay what !!!!  


SEE THROUGH WINDOWS How make window cleaner get spray bottle put in a table spoon of white vinegar - and 3 drops of good washing up liquid This will clean your windows fine !!!!  

A shop ??? Rent £1000 + per month Rates = same.... electricity insurance staff .... Repairs who pays for all this ????? Answer YOU DO and now you have got to pay to park to go to these places who`s doing who a favour ???? Much better idea to go To Dagenham Sunday market where prices are lower and you can park for FREE

PARKING ???? BUSES ??? Money money money by the time you have gone through all this....Get a Bike we use one for local journeys -  someone doesnt get a free dinner from us !!!! After a while you realise you can make loads of good journeys FREE FREE FREE go green and keep your money in your own pocket - you can get a good bike from a car boot sale ours cost us £20 - its saves us loads every year -Say Goodbye to £7 per gallon expensive petrol   

Seen TV ??? Supermarkets advertise and the prices are going up all the time we go to Aldi and Lidle much cheaper !!!!

MORE IS BETTER When you find something cheap and you use all the time.... buy loads .......toilet rolls tea bags etc then you dont have to make expensive trips  

CLEAN AND CHEAPER We put Washing up liquid in our washing machine - it worked quite well ! And MUCH cheaper - Good for work clothes !

SAVE THE PLANET  Good idea make sure some one pays you for all your hard work !!!

RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES 500 times over - they will save you a fortune

BRIGHT IDEA torch???  Get an LED one - batteries last forever and no bulbs to break - use rechargeables - even cheaper

Buying CD`s very expensive and very often full of tracks you dont want, haven't you noticed that record shops wont play the music your buying ? maybe you might find out - we buy our music from Amazon - you can preview, listen and get what YOU want including old songs much better much cheaper !!!  

GAS ELECTRICS RATES Pay bills online cheaper No journeys no stamps - better saves you time money and effort go for dual fuel agreements and save more and more cheaper by direct debit

Going green - save the planet what's going to happen if its not saved ?  See if you can make some money recycling

PARK AND TAKEN FOR A RIDE FREE…. To rent a small shop £15000 Rates £12000 ? electricity Staff Insurance stock- open all hours and you buy something who pays for all this ? answer YOU DO - buy from market stalls - cheaper

SEE THROUGH WINDOWS How to make window cleaner - get a spray bottle put in about a quarter of inch of white vinegar add 2 drops of washing Up liquid fill to the top with water  - you have made window cleaner !!!!! If go and buy this they must see you coming

Get an empty plastic bottle- about 750 ml file with 200 ml of vinegar + approx 80 ml of washing up liquid fill to the top with Water you can use this as toilet cleaner - it works good over night - it works better when you dont have to pay for it !!


Search for money saving ideas - we did ……there are loads

PUFF PUFF Spend money on cigarettes !!! Yes please someone makes a lot of money out if this and they rather you didn’t stop handing it over  - dont be a mug - you are being taken for a one big ride and your money up in smoke …..addicted to giving it away ...

FREE SUNSHINE ENERGY Solar panels - we got some from Ebay 80w x 5 = 400 w per hour you need car batteries a regulator ( £23 ) and an inverter that can change 12v to 240v mains….. result approx £200+ saved this year and more every year as prices will rise for the 25 YEARS = you save a fortune - easy to use and set up but you have to learn how, no good for electric heating but good for TV`s energy saving light bulbs computers radios etc

GET COLDER FREE ! SAVE £££ss We used old copper approx 2ft sections on the radiator at the back of fridges and freezers this made the fridge run much  more colder and efficiently this is a good saving in electricity, once done the saving is every year !

WAKE UP FREE Some people use a clock radio - costs money to buy and money to run - if you look on most mobile phones they have an alarm clock - use it …. That doesent cost any money !

DVD RECORDERS _ HARD DRIVE RECORDERS ? - expensive not very reliable - DVDs may not play, VHS - not very good quality Answer !  we got a TV that has USB Record then stored films and TV on a PC - quality much better more reliable and virtually free to run, you can watch on computers and laptops or transfer back to USB memory stick and replay on TV.

An external hard drive can store 500 films +…..smaller more efficient much cheaper and much less space! than 500 DVD`s you can also get freeview boxes that have USB record ( look on Amazon and Ebay ) cost about £20 why pay more ?

MUSIC - No need to buy a stereo system  - use your PC, Lap top or Pad and make up play lists etc for better quality you simply plug a Hifi  to the audio out on your device … Parties, Disco, and a music Machine,

RADIO - dont go and buy one !!!!! you already have one on your PC..5000 Radio Stations                      


TV ....Got an old fashioned glass type TV ?  Get an LCD, plasma TV or much better an LED type - Much cheaper to run and will actually save you money to buy a new one

Cup of tea ! or coffee ! use and electric kettle in summer use gas to boil water in winter - result the extra heat warms your home FREE

COOKING Ovens and grills - keep their heat some time after switching off gas or electric so what ever your cooking you wont need the heat 100% of the time especially if you close cooker doors - you save so cook 75% then  let the remaining heat do the rest

COOKING - Put covers over cooking pots - this saves more energy - much cheaper

COOKING - Buy a Pressure Cooker - they can save you CASH

COOKING - Peas Carrots - use a microwave - cheaper !

COOKING - Buy potatoes in Cans quite Cheap ! then just microwave, much cheaper than 20 minutes gas cooking them  

COOKING - Think of cold meals like salads - cheaper on energy - more healthy

USE PLASTIC AND GLASS CONTAINERS - We all throw away plenty -  Coffee Jars etc use them in the Microwave for peas carrots Beans Soup etc BUY containers ! No thank you !

RUBBISH !  Not so ! Quite often you get leaflets and commercial advertising as letters through your door look for blank reverse  sides on white paper - then use it - shopping lists, plans, ideas things to do today, … thank you very much ! Better than buying writing pads  

DEFROST Your fridge regular this can increase the fridges efficiency but it will also give so many days free 10% over a year = £25

STAY WARM AND COOL use light colour curtains in summer - to reflect heat from the sun use dark colour curtains in winter to absorb heat on windows that face the sun extra heat = money

USE your old car oil  - use small quantities to coat metal and old tools - free protection

For Computer people - old mechanical hard drives eat power sometimes a pc might have 2 our pc is on 15 - 18 hours per day so it eats power get an electricity consumption meter from your electricity company we found out - our pc 168 w + 43 watts  from a monitor = 2.5kw per day = £184 per year - this is what we did ! unplugged the CD Rom removed a floppy drive removed unused cards - replaced the HD with a 128 gig SSD consumption 1.8W cost £49 from - operating system just 2 gigs programs 20 gigs leaves 100g + for data result power consumption fell in half - operating speeds  like lightening ! - then we powered the whole thing from 5 x 80 watts solar power system = result - we removed it from the mains saving £200 per annum even better would be to use lap top - they have much lower power consumption - ours = 43 W easily enough for solar panels

DID YOU KNOW ? - In Germany ordinary people have turned to alternative energy so much that the national output from power stations has dropped 20% in the last few years which is a big chunk of domestic electricity output - you can see the motivation its money, why pay the bills ? - once you invest in solar power you have it for 25 years you might say it could cost £6000 + to achieve this - but not if you install it yourself  we got our panels from Ebay for £80 Go Green and save your bills FOR YOU think how much you will save in 25 years !!! and energy prices are going up

BRIGHT IDEA - Ordinary light bulbs - expensive - Energy saving light bulbs - less EXPENSIVE ... Better ! LED Bulbs are even much cheaper to run and they will outlast everything ! You can run them from mains or 12v look on Ebay - much cheaper than shops .....we run ours free forever from solar power

LAPTOPS are a lot cheaper to run than pc`s  by 60% - can you save your money ? in your pocket !

CHEAP HOLIDAYS - GO CAMPING We did - Paris, Germany, UK, Holland much cheaper and more fun  (See below )

CHEAP FERRY TRIPS - Look out for transit 1am to 6 am  dont use a ferry operator that charges you for the days you spend abroad what they are selling is the trip there and back not the days in between - use one that charges for the trips - we go to France for £11 each way and stayed 5 days - better value

CUT DRINKS BOTTLES in half use them  for pot plants ... But dont buy them - take cuttings and see if they grow

BREAD - Keep a loaf in the fridge - it lasts longer

CAFFINE in tea and coffee de-hydrates you - result ! Im gasping for a cuppa ! A vicious cycle - next time have a drink of plain water .... Refill your body with water its healthier and much cheaper  

SCRAP METAL - dont put it in the dustbin or call someone that charges you to take it old fridge can be worth upto £35 !!!! Scrap - save it up and take it to a scrap dealer save the planet and recycle the scrap into your own pocket and save you !!! Especially car batteries and copper pipes  

HOW TO AVOID PARKING TICKETS - Dont break the law or better ! Dont bother going there..... theres plenty of shops in East London in fact to many, if you look around most homes its full of clutter anyway, people will buy anything what for, they dont know - spend it wisely or better still get a bike ! And travel FREE we did and cut £2000+ plus, from someone else`s free dinners diesel bills

BANK BANK - Cheque account who needs one, go overdrawn and get charged per day, use an account that is a debit or credit card go overdrawn and get charged interest at 1.1% per month - much cheaper and safer

CARS COMPUTER MANAGEMENT - Think carefully if you buy a car with computer engine management - fine... what happens when it goes wrong ? You cant fix it, you would probably need a main dealer service facility at £100 per hour - we would never buy one... in 70`s and 80`s cars never had all this - fixing them was easy and cheap an old car might be a better idea if you look after it - or better still get a 70`s car and really look after it these are increasing in value and you might end up not paying road tax and selling the car for a nice profit - A car is meant to get YOU places A to B cumfy and warm reliable and reasonably cheap computers just COST

THE MONEY YOU SAVE ... We brought stocks and shares now they are low .... Because of the recession, in a couple of years things will be back to normal and share prices will rise sharply leaving you much better off than savings accounts - thats what Banks do with your money anyway

Car De-icer ... Get an empty spray bottle fill it with half water and a little vinegar

CAR WIPER BLADES - they seem to age but you can solve this its really a build up of grease and dirt Clean them with vinegar - it works good  dont wipe away your money ~!

CAR FUEL ECONOMY - Make sure your tyres are pumped to the correct manufacturers pressure

CAR ... Drive with your foot on the gas in one constant position for as long as you can the cruising economy fuel consumption is much less than accelerating   

DONT BUY  An alarm clock or clock radio - that costs money to run you already have one a mobile phone and its free to run !

SCRAP METAL - This turning into big money heres what you do! Put all your scrap in a bin in your back garden DONT put it in the rubbish bin or public bins, food cans bitz and pieces old scraps - once a year take to the re-cyclers and sell it - for a nice holiday in Spain, sun sun  and fun, only trouble is coming back

MUSIC DONT BUY an MP3 music player - look on your mobile phone !

WATCH OUT ! out for global warming in the summer and Global colding in the winter trouble is the summers are rubbish as well in London

BUY A HOUSE - With a South Facing front or back - The sun coming through the windows will warm your home, other directions cost you money ! And someone is making a lot of money from gas heating

DONT Buy House plants - find some nice ones somewhere else and take cuttings BUSINESS - When they grow - make more and sell them cash cash

COMPUTERS A  LAPTOP on for 10 hours = 430w =10p  =£39 per year  A computer =2500w =62p per day =£226 per annum - the lap top is cheaper to run

SAVE CHRISTMAS Presents you dont want - wrap them carefully - next year give them to someone else

ONE DAY A homeless tramp died in Sweden everyone one knew him for years years and years then they did an investigation, he was worth = 264 Million - he had invested every penny given to him in Stox and shares guess what silly people gave away .....£264 million  !!!

SAVE ....use All your old washing up greens for house cleaning

SAVE When towels wear out use them as tea towels when they are warn out use them for house cleaning when they wear out use them for car cleaning when they wear out sell them for recycling rags 30p per kilo  

BABIES - Cost a lot of money - make sure someone ! can pay for them !

WHERE ? Go where people spend money, city centres and holiday centres no point trying to be rich where no one is spending money

LIFE INSURANCE - Good idea ? ,  spend it ?  When ?  

MAKE COLD meals such as salads often = these dinner dont cost money to cook, healthier as well ….good for you

BUY your own house ?  How much ? RENT ? How much - ! - Easy.... buy a caravan or mobile home, much cheaper, very cosy, cheap to maintain, and its a start and you wont be half dead before you pay for it

LANDLINE PHONES Cost money - if you dont use a phone often its a better idea to have a Pay as you go mobile as a house phone - now thats saving money

DONT BUY A CAR with electronics all over it - complicated to fix and very expensive

JUNK MAIL - check to see if the reverse side of leaflets can be used for shopping lists - things to do today lists dont buy writing pads !

CHRISTMAS CARDS - get a rubber that can rub out ink - then re -use the ones sent to you and send them out next year to someone else ……YES recycle save the planet save your pocket and make sure someone else does`nt get a free Christmas dinner

SAVE YOUR CANS ! As you get a drinks or food cans flatten them = a shoe will do this save them up and after a year take them to be recycled AT A SCRAP METAL DEALER scrap aluminium is worth a  £700 ton yes please ! - Dont put them in the rubbish bin ……Recycle them back in your own pocket and you save the planet   

WHOLESALE - you will always use things like tea bags, washing powder , Washing up liquid tea towels cans of peas etc so why not find out local wholesalers buy in bulk and save money - then you save by not using an english car on trips to the shops  

GET A STEAM CLEANER These really work very well and clean really good and you dont have to spend money on nasty chemicals for years

GET A DOGGY ???? WOOF ! Yes wait to you get the vets bill + woof + blood +VAT - get a plastic one from a pound shop Ha ! That wont leave brown surprises  (a pup)

LIGHT SHADES - YES your paying to light up a home then paying to keep half the light inside the shade, and a light shade costs even more money and then you clean it

GETTING MARRIED How much £5000 + babies + everything else +VAT +Tax + Parking tickets + divorce quick ….run for your life

OLD JUNK - Do a car Boot sale see if you can sell it

IF YOU use a sink to wash how much water goes on your face or hands ??? - really when you look only a small amount ….not a sink full - well really you only need 1 - 2 inches of water to do the job very well - well when you boil a kettle to make a cupa then just put a little extra in for hot water to have a wash FREE

TEA COFFEE - When you add up over a year how much energy and cost you might spend it could surprise you ! mark on a kettle the fill up point for one 1 cup or just above the element…. then save money

GET A BICYCLE now thats a money saving idea … ok it may take time to go places …. It takes more time to buy a car  : bicycle - !!! Think road safety first ! And a good chain and padlock get the lights from a pound shop and use rechargeable batteries and stop paying to live

VERY FLASHY SHOPS ?  Very Flashy prices ? Who pays for all that ? Someone else ?

FRIDGE - FREEZER - Make sure the rubber seals are clean and good condition - this effects the energy and running costs  







Going Green is not only about saving the planet - it can be about saving your pockets from smelly vultures after a nice free Dinner... the more money you save by removing waste the less someone else gets - and the more efficiently you use your resources the better your living standards - go green its good for you !  If you have a business and a good money saving tip we will list you free here !